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"Oliwer is a Polish designer with a lightly fuzzy, muscular body that I’d very much like to touch" and "I don’t know for sure whether Oliwer’s playing for our team. I’m sort of hoping that’s the case because I wouldn’t mind putting my beard on his beard” - by far, the funniest article about me that I’ve read. gotta love portals for gay men, I guess? and some of the comments beneath it:

I saw a photo of him standing next to the photographer and my goodness, he is short! I think it just adds to his appeal! And his body fur is perfect!

"He’s cuddle-sized. Absolutely gorgeous and cuddle-sized."

I mean, wow, height confidence boost!

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1am haircut

Anonymous asked:
Do you no longer use the oliwrr tumblr blog?

nope, turns out Pinterest is way more convenient when you post and reblog a ton of pictures. plus, it’s drama-free and not customizable enough to have to look at people’s crazy-ass themes ;) www.pinterest.com/oliwrr 

captaintommy65 asked:
Glad you are on Instagram and Twitter started following you on both

I’m not on Instagram, nor Twitter. don’t bother following because that’s not me. also, do you think I’d write about myself ‘transgender and model’? for real

you can follow me on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/oliwrr


my moustache is starting to curl without wax! all I’m proud of in this ugly dark place is my beard.

anthonyglw asked:
does the hysto have anything to do with being more physically masculine, or helping trans guys, that is what im asking.

hysterectomy cuts one’s oestrogen production off which benefits a trans man’s health because he doesn’t need such high doses of T for the hormone to be dominant any more. high doses in long terms can fuck up your liver and cause other serious health problems. the operation may also help reduce body dysphoria.

we usually have hysto once we’ve been on HRT for several years, I wouldn’t say ‘being more physically masculine’ is the main goal at that point, but it can be a factor.

+paintedparade said: it depends on what bottom surgery you have, and what surgeon you go to, etc - but they usually require you to have a hysto before having bottom surgeries done. so that’s also a consideration.

my mum trying to cheer my cat up after castration by explaining that ‘Oliver knows how it is.’

why I took the offer of modelling for Terry Richardson.

when I first got offered being a part of the fashion campaign, I thought it was trolling, a couple e-mails from Blush agency later it started to sound legit, but I still turned it down a few times because of a number of reasons.

I had a few great conversations with the creative director, Marcelo Sebá who has previously worked with Lea T, a Brazilian female transsexual model. during those talks Marcelo spoke to me about queer people’s situation in Brazil, how he believed I could have a great positive impact in terms of trans-visibility in their country and how he wanted the campaign to be nothing, but beautiful(you might not know this, but I did two press interviews in New York, one of them was recently posted in the Brazilian edition of Glamour magazine). Marcelo and I clicked really fast because we share some big ideals, it felt like we were on the same mission there, I talked about how I would love the photoshoot to be overall body-positive, not just trans-positive, the concept seemed dear to him as well. I was quite torn between two very important values. the break-through was mentioning having received the offer on my blog - a lot of guys responded I should participate, that our community needed that, two dudes messaged me saying they had wanted to do modelling and finally felt they could make it happen thanks to me. I kept on asking myself whether an opportunity to contribute to trans* awareness this largely would come up again and whether it was worth it, if my participation in the campaign could be seen as an approbation of something I’m strongly opposed to. I have to say the fact that finding out Barack Obama had his picture taken by Terry was very important to me while making the decision as well.

what the photoshoot was like.

would I have made up my mind faster, if Terry wasn’t involved in the campaign? most probably. has anything remotely inappropriate happened or been said during the shoot? no. does it automatically signify things Terry has been accused of are untrue? no. the intent of this post is not to take any stance in the subject, I can only speak from my experience and my experience was 100% positive. everything during my shooting day was done in a perfectly respectful friendly atmosphere. no one assumed I was okay with anything until I gave them my consent.

all things aside, the modelling episode was an extremely interesting experience for me as a trans person(or maybe simply as A PERSON?), testing my confidence and comfort level. I’d lie, if I said all the pros I saw for taking the offer were unselfish. Blush Agency was not only offering me modelling in a professional fashion photoshoot, but also travelling to New York which I could never see otherwise. I haven’t been abroad in years, I haven’t been on a plane before, I have felt like I’ve been sitting in my safe spot, saying ‘no’ to all opportunities pretty much my whole life. at some point the campaign seemed like a part of a great adventure, not the adventure itself. I had so much fun on the shooting day, I loved the city, but the trip filled me with me up with energy and wanderlust I never felt before and those are the things I will remember it by.


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I wanted to show you how smart and casual I was, but then I thought I looked like a priest. The Bible written by Ernest Hemingway.

(making fun of myself, not anyone’s religion)

Anonymous asked:
I was born a man but I wish I were half the man you are. Damn, you are beautiful.

wow, thank you. what a nice thing to hear.

I come home from uni the other day to find out my parents are having a guest they were friends with when I was little. he hears someone enter the front door and runs to the hall saying ‘your kid is home, show me that kid!’, takes a glance at me and turns around saying ‘not the kid..’.

ode to making people feel awkward, laughed the rest of the evening.

Anonymous asked:
What were you doing during your gap year?

preparing to art school exams, getting my documents changed, taking a breath.


Terry, me and Mr. Limpy, I guess?

you can see more shots on terrysdiary.com.