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my name is officially changed now! I got a copy of my birth certificate yesterday and the way it works in Poland is nothing changes on the main page of it, but it says your name and sex have been changed to this and that on the other side of it. of course, nobody turns it over unless you tell them to and people get confused as hell. it’s stupid, as if they couldn’t just make a new one and add an annotation on the other side saying I used to be called blah blah blah and changed my sex legally on blah blah blah, they do it in case of adoption and stuff. fortunately you usually use a shortened version of your birth certificate which only contains your new data, so that’s nice. I’m currently waiting for a shit called PESEL number to be regenerated for me and, if everything goes smoothly, I will be able to apply for a new ID in a week which reminds me I need to take a new ugly ID picture!

it’s cool to be finally able to sign everything with my real name! although I remind myself ‘write OLIWER, you write Oliwer now’ just in case because, even though I’ve been using this name for over two years now, I still had to fill everything in with my old name in legal situations. and, of course, everyone keeps misspelling and saying it wrong. I chose the name believing it wouldn’t be problematic both in Poland and other countries and I couldn’t be more wrong - English-speaking people get confused by the ‘w’ and Polish people keep using French and Polish mix ‘Oliwier’. I’ll just have to get used to automatically saying ‘Oliwer - one “i”, with a “w”, not a “v”.’

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